Requirements of Midwifery Practice

Consumer Feedback Forms

All midwives, both core and LMC, must remember to give out consumer evaluation forms to all women on discharge.

This can either be by providing women with the link to the online feedback form here. Alternatively, the forms can be downloaded from here, then completed and returned to this address:

  • ​​​MSR Administrator
  • PO Box 21 059
  • Edgeware
  • Christchurch 8143

Feedback forms in languages other than English can also be found here.

Resolutions Process

For information about the Resolutions process click here.

The local Resolutions phone number for women to call is ​04 801 6180 and should appear on the reverse of the hardcopy leaflet.

The Wellington region’s current resolutions position holders are:

  • Christine Griffiths (midwife)
  • Carla Rey Vasquez (consumer)

Remember to hand out the Resolutions information leaflet out to ALL your clients and ensure that the local phone number for them to contact is displayed –  ​04 801 6180

If more leaflets are required ask Christine at a monthly NZCoM meeting as she usually has a supply or email:


If you hold a practising certificate then there is a requirement to engage in the Midwifery Council recertification programme. The Midwifery Council consulted on changes to the Recertification programme early in 2013. Changes to the Midwifery Council recertification programme were implemented on 1st April 2014.

Midwives that take time out of practice for a number of reasons (including maternity leave, travel, etc) are encouraged to contact the Midwifery Council secretariat as soon as possible to discuss their obligations with regard to recertification.

All details regarding the programme can be found on the Council website

Midwifery Standards Review

To book your MSR, you can logon to the membership portal here or contact the MSR National Administrator:

Other Documents & Forms

For other NZCoM documents and forms please click here.